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HUGE Proposal & Voting Upgrade [with Screenshots]

Published by
Andrew Warner
May 10, 2023

Origami’s software is known for seamlessly integrating the best features of Web3 into a user-friendly experience that busy community members will enjoy using.

Today's proposal and voting upgrade is an example of that.

These screenshots show how it works and how it can help your DAO improve the quality of its participation.

Proposal Participation

Your community can write and vote on proposals in your DAO’s dashboard. They’re easily accessed to increase participation.

Proposal Creation

Our proposal editor gives members the guidance they need, without distractions.

Voting Strategies

With our newest update, your members can pick the voting strategy that’s most appropriate for each proposal. (Community leaders can add or remove the voting options they want to provide their members.)

One Membership: One Vote - each member has a single vote

Token-weighted voting - members’ voting power depends on how many tokens they have

Quadratic voting - ensures that minority voices are heard by preventing big token-holders from dominating a vote.

All On-Chain

Unlike some other popular options, every vote is on chain as soon as it’s made. The contract address is visible and linked.


Having votes on-chain shouldn’t mean forcing your members to pay gas. With Origami, voting is gasless for your members, promoting greater participation.


Once a proposal is published, members can read and vote on it on a page that has the clear design experience you’ve come to expect from Origami.

If you want to add this experience to your DAO, contact us.

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