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Origami Transfer Locks

Published by
Ben Huh
June 1, 2023


Origami Transfer Locks is a feature of the Origami Governance Token built to provide additional control and security to communities relying on our platform to launch Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). This functionality enables time-locked transfers of ERC20 tokens, allowing token holders to use the tokens for voting but temporarily restricting their ability to transfer them.

As a result, Transfer Locks offer an invaluable solution for projects seeking stability, long-term commitment, and controlled distribution of tokens. By deploying our Origami Governance Token contract containing the Transfer Locks interface, you can create a custom ERC20 token with these capabilities for use in your governance system.

Key Concepts

Transfer Lock

A transfer lock is a mechanism that prevents the transfer of tokens until a specified deadline is reached. Deadlines for transfer locks are given as Unix timestamps in UTC. Transfer locks help communities to ensure that users who have voting power in a Origami DAO have long-term alignment with the project and its goals.


In the context of transfer locks, allowances represent the number of times an address can be allowed to add transfer locks to another address. This helps limit the number of transfer locks that can be added by a given address, preventing potential abusive scenarios.

Available Balance

The available balance for a user with transfer locks represents the number of tokens that are not locked up and can be transferred. This takes into account the user's total token balance and the number of tokens placed under transfer locks.

Use Cases

Origami Transfer Locks provide a valuable tool for communities and DAOs that require additional control over token distribution and usage. Some practical use cases of this feature include:

  • Foundation Token Locks: A project's founding team might lock their tokens for a certain period to signal commitment to the project and prevent large sell-offs.
  • Ecosystem Incentives: Transfer locks can be used to distribute tokens as incentives and rewards to early adopters, ensuring that the token recipients remain engaged and contribute positively to the project.
  • Vesting for Advisors and Partners: Tokens provided to project advisors and partners can be subject to transfer locks, requiring them to remain committed to the project for a defined period.
  • Grants and Funding: Projects can use transfer locks to distribute grants and funding rewards in a controlled manner, enabling recipients to vote on governance matters but prohibiting transferability of tokens until the conditions are met.

Getting Started with Transfer Locks

To utilize the Origami Transfer Locks functionality for your DAO, deploy the Origami Governance Token contract with the Transfer Locks interface. This will create a custom ERC-20 token with transfer lock capabilities ready for use in your governance system.

For more information on Origami Transfer Locks and how to implement them for your projects, please refer to the source code provided, or contact us at

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