Origami is the Best DAO Operating System for Ambitious Communities.

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Our mission is to help ambitious communities create the world’s most valuable DAOs.

We believe that DAOs will help the next billion users find their economic tribes by gathering people who want to build strong, growing communities. Origami supports these groups through our open and effective framework for growing DAOs.

Our Story

It all started with a WhatsApp group. Our four founders and other Y Combinator alumni used it to talk about crypto projects, fun NFT investments, and what would happen if networks could be owned and governed by people, instead of corporate giants.

Our CEO open-sourced a “DAO Charter” template document that became the foundation of many DAOs today. That opened our founders’ eyes to what large groups of people could do to build towards a common goal. Together, they could raise more money, find better investments, and build faster than they could alone. Plus, it was fun. They wanted to do more together.

Johnny, Matt, Ben & Stephen
Origami founders

As it all came together, other DAO creators asked for advice. They need guidance, introductions, documents, and user-friendly software.

That’s why four of the DAO creators founded Origami. They realized that together they had all the skills needed to help other communities create and grow their DAOs.

To organize their relationship, they formed a DAO called Orange. The early days were full of challenges, while complying with regulations, creating a scale system to ensure thousands of more founders could join, and keeping their Discord from melting down to chaos.

As they overcame each challenge, Orange DAO grew to over 1,300 founders, raised $80 million, and invested in over 130 crypto projects. They even created a Fellowship program to educate future web3 entrepreneurs.

Our Founding Team

Ban Hun Team Member
Ben Huh

YC S17, Orange DAO, Crisis DAO, Cheezburger

Controlled the flow of memes before there were OG memelords.

Matt Voska

YC S14, Orange DAO, Bannerman

Lived as a nomad for 4 years.

Johnny Chin Team Member
Johnny Chin

YC S14, Orange DAO, Bannerman

In 2018 he bought his first NFT, a CryptoKitty instead of a Punk.

Stephen Caudill

YC S16, Orange DAO, Suiteness

Learned programming to support his music habit.

Our VC Investors

Boomberg BETA
Matter Scale
Orange DAO
Matrix DAO
Beta Works
Dreamfrs VC
Protocol Labs
Transpose Platform
Beco Capital
App WOrks

Balaji Srinivasan
Dylan Field
Michael Witz
Bradley Milee
James Beshara
Alan Rutledge
Will Papper
Jordan Messina
Joe Stump
Eli Rubel
Jamie Wilkinson
Cyrus Karbassiyoon
Paz Eshel
Dermot O'Riordan
Nelson Ryan
Kearny Jackson
James Parillo
Gavin Birch
Thomas Pun
Clayton Menzel
Kenneth O'Friel
Michael Daugherty
Patrick Deem

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