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Origami and Orange DAO team up to provide $20K to DAOs with the “Power-Up” funding program

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Andrew Warner
October 27, 2022

Origami and Orange DAO are announcing a first-of-its-kind DAO Power-Up funding program to provide $20K to the most ambitious and promising DAOs in the pre-launch stage — to set them on the fastest path from founding to launch.

Origami is a DAO operating system that supports all aspects of launching and running a DAO, including membership NFT minting, governance token issuance, and software for DAO operations. Origami provides fast-growing networks and communities with guidance, documents, and smart contracts to become successful DAOs — without the need to hire engineers.

By partnering with Orange DAO to provide $20K in seed funding to select vetted DAOs, Origami is continuing to remove the barriers to creating more valuable communities.

“We’re seeing incredible demand for DAOs because DAOs are a fundamental building block of web3 communities. But it’s still cost-prohibitive for many ambitious founders to launch without some funding. To level the playing field for the new generation of builders, Origami is excited to launch a seed funding program with our partners at Orange DAO,” said Ben Huh, CEO and founder of Origami.

“Orange DAO is excited to partner on this unique DAO funding program that will be foundational to the most successful DAOs of tomorrow,” said Orion Parrott, General Partner at Orange Fund, the venture arm of Orange DAO. “Our first-hand experience in launching Orange DAO helped us understand just how much harder it is to launch a DAO compared to a startup, and we’d like to close that gap for the best communities in the world.”

Origami believes that early funding for DAOs can accelerate their growth and development because it saves valuable time spent on fundraising in the critical pre-launch stage, and provides strong validation to potential members.

To qualify for this funding, DAOs must:

  1. Demonstrate an active and growing community.
  2. Provide a clear pitch to Orange DAO.
  3. Use the Origami DAO framework.

In addition to the announcement of this program, Origami has closed $6.2M in venture financing led by Bloomberg Beta, with participation from the following venture investors: Betaworks, Protocol Labs, Orange DAO, VC3 DAO, Valor Capital, Matterscale, Mirana, AppWorks, BECO, PruVen, Bam Ventures, Monochrome, Chamaeleon, Seity Future Ventures, Dreamers, Wave Financial, Transpose, Matrix DAO, Portofino.

These angel investors also participated in the round: Dylan Field, Balaji Srinivasan, Michael Witz, Bradley Milee, James Beshara, Alan Rutledge, Will Papper, Jordan Messina, Joe Stump, Eli Rubel, Jamie Wilkinson, Cyrus Karbassiyoon, Paz Eshel, Dermot O'Riordan, Nelson Ryan, Kearny Jackson, James Parillo, Gavin Birch, Thomas Pun, Clayton Menzel, Kenneth O'Friel, Michael Daugherty, and Patrick Deem.

Origami is calling all ambitious DAOs to apply here.

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