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Andrew Warner
December 29, 2022

You’re bound to have legal questions when you’re building a DAO. The Origami team has experience setting up DAOs’ legal structures, but there’s no substitute for an experienced lawyer who understands DAOs and the ever-changing nature of our ecosystem

We put together a list of lawyers with DAO experience. Our work is meant to speed up your research, not replace it. So we’re including links to each lawyer’s LinkedIn profile, law firm, phone number, email address and even Twitter account.

Charles Kolstad

Partner, Withers Bergman, LLP

+1 310 228-5744 -

Los Angeles, CA & Greenwich, CT

Charles heads up the Global Cryptocurrency Practice Group for the firm, which consists of about 120 lawyers in Asia Pacific, the US and Europe who deal with token issuers, DAOs, crypto exchanges, investors, blockchain analytic companies, and anybody else who touches the crypto space.



Stephen P. Wink

Partner, Latham & Watkins

+1.212.906.1229 -

New York, NY

Stephen is a member of the Financial Regulatory Practice, Financial Institutions Group, Fintech Industry Group, and Co-Chair of the firm's Global Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Task Force.

He’s done a lot of writing on DAOs and other web3 topics, including “Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Find a Home in Wyoming,” “Latham & Watkins Discusses SEC Official’s Analysis of Digital Assets as Securities,” and “Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: Piercing the Digital Veil.”



Yev Muchnik

Founding partner, Launch Legal, LLC

(202) 552-9810 -

Denver, Colorado

Launch Legal operates using a distributed services model and supports entrepreneurs and innovators across a variety of industries, including blockchain, fintech and energy.

She is a Legal Steward at Opolis, the member-owned digital employment cooperative. She’s also a founding member of the Rocky Mountain Blockchain Collaborative, a collaboration of legal and business innovators serving entrepreneurs and disruptors in the technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrency industry.



Bryan Christenson

Attorney, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

908-374-0330 -

Edison, NJ

Bryan dedicates a significant part of his practice to blockchain technology, advising web3 businesses on a wide range of legal issues relating to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and the metaverse.

He’s also part of Lex DAO, VeeFriends, Flyfish Club, and other web3 organizations.



Danielle Clark

Founder & Lead Attorney, D. Clark Law

(786) 346-3462 -

New York, NY and Miami, FL

Danielle focuses on blockchain, NFT, intellectual property, and general corporate law. She’s a member of Friends with Benefits DAO and Lex DAO.



George Campbell

Attorney, The Antifirm, the Web3 division of Campbell Teague

(864) 326-4186 -

Greenville, SC

George is a Managing Partner at Campbell Teague, a boutique litigation and corporate law firm. His focus areas are web3, private equity transactions, business litigation, and corporate restructures.

He calls himself a “fixer” and “DAO Deployer.”



Harrison Dell

1800 395 342 -

Director, Cadena Legal

Sydney, NSW is a legal firm focussed on Australian tax, particularly with crypto investors and projects.

If you want to get a sense of his personality, his TikTok skills are impressive:



Dr Biyan Mienert

Independant Practice

Cologne Bonn Region, Germany

Biyan specialized is FinTech and Blockchain law, with a focus on DAOs. He'ss also a lecturer for Digitalization Law at the University for Applied Science in Hesse.



Blockchain Lawyers Group

The Blockchain Lawyers Group is a global network of independent legal experts in blockchain and crypto-related matters.

Their directory can help you find lawyers based on jurisdictions.


While we’re not lawyers, we’re the creators of the Origami Framework, which helps DAOs grow, raise money and stay on the right side of regulation. Our ability to protect DAO members is one of the reasons VC3 said they worked with us, in this interview.

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